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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-4937.  Impaired trust fund. (1) If the assets of the trust fund are at any time insufficient to discharge its liabilities, and to maintain the required surplus, the administrator shall forthwith request authority from the director to make up the deficiency by borrowed surplus or other subordinated indebtedness.
(2)  If the director finds that future estimated revenues from the transfer fees imposed under section 41-4909, Idaho Code, are not sufficient to justify any borrowed surplus funds or other subordinated indebtedness, then the director shall request the administrator to submit a plan of action whereby priority is given to the payment of cleanup costs of petroleum discharges that constitute a clear and present danger to persons or property, including discharges into underground or surface water that may seriously contaminate the water used for domestic and commercial use, agricultural products, livestock, fish, game and other wildlife. Consideration shall be given in this plan of action to establishing a claim payment priority based on the severity of the contamination, the possible endangerment of life and health including, but not limited to, possible toxic fumes, fire and explosion hazards, economic impact, population density, and the need for immediate cleanup action versus action that can be delayed with only minimal adverse effects. This plan of action shall also establish similar criteria for the prioritization of the payment of bodily injury and property damage claims.
(3)  Upon receiving this plan of action, the director shall promptly hold a public hearing with appropriate notice to determine any possible adverse effects of the plan of action on the owners or operators of insured tanks, the claimants and potential claimants, and the environment. After giving due consideration to the testimony of those parties affected by the proposed plan of action, the director shall either approve or disapprove the plan in writing, stating the reasons therefor, so that a plan of action that does meet with the director’s approval can be placed into effect with due diligence and dispatch.
(4)  Upon receiving the director’s approval of the plan of action, the administrator shall promptly commence the prioritization of claims and pay such valid and compensable claims according to this priority as funds become available from collection of the transfer fees.

[(41-4937) 41-4940, added 1990, ch. 119, sec. 1, p. 286; am. 1991, ch. 59, sec. 26, p. 134; am. & redesig. 2003, ch. 96, sec. 41, p. 305.]

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