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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


41-614.  Valuation of other securities. (1) Securities, other than those referred to in section 41-613, Idaho Code, held by an insurer may be valued, in the discretion of the director:
(a)  At their market value if market value can be reasonably ascertained, or
(b)  If the issuer is an insurer, at their unadjusted book value as determined by the issuer’s convention form financial statement filed with insurance public supervisory officials, or
(c)  Any other value which the insurer can substantiate to the satisfaction of the director. In addition to other applicable bases of valuation, the director shall give due consideration to valuation based upon:
(i)  The net worth of the issuer as shown by financial statements acceptable to the director.
(ii)  The acquisition cost of the security to the insurer, adjusted in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles to reflect changes since such acquisition in the issuer’s financial condition and business.
(2)  Preferred or guaranteed stocks or shares while paying full dividends may be carried at a fixed value in lieu of market value, according to a generally accepted method of computation approved by the director.
(3)  Stock of a subsidiary corporation of an insurer shall not be valued at an amount in excess of the net value thereof as based upon those assets only of the subsidiary which would be eligible under chapter 7, title 41, Idaho Code, for investment of the funds of the insurer directly.
(4)  No valuations under this section shall be inconsistent with any applicable valuation or method then currently formulated or approved by the national association of insurance commissioners or its successor organization.

[41-614, added 1961, ch. 330, sec. 135, p. 645; am. 1971, ch. 122, sec. 3, p. 408; am. 1972, ch. 369, sec. 7, p. 1072; am. 1993, ch. 194, sec. 6, p. 499.]

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