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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


42-2811.  Bonds to be issued after lien statement filed — Direct obligation of county — Form, terms, and conditions — Provisions for payment. The board of county commissioners of each and every county wherein any irrigation or drainage projects are proposed to be wholly or partially located and established, or wherein lands are located which are assessed for benefits by reason of the construction thereof, is hereby authorized after the filing of the decree of the district court confirming the election and other proceedings authorizing a bond issue of said county, to issue the bonds of their respective counties, and to be designed as "…. county improvement bonds" in such amounts as may be necessary to fully meet and discharge the expenses authorized by this chapter. All such bonds shall be the direct and primary obligations of the county for the full principal and interest thereof. The faith, credit, and all taxable property within the limits of the county, as constituted at the time of such issue, are, and must continue, pledged to the payment of said bonds. All such bonds shall be in the form provided in section 3524 of the Idaho Compiled Statutes and shall be sold negotiated as provided in section 3525 of the Idaho Compiled Statutes, and the board of county commissioners shall provide for the payment of such bonds and interest thereon in like manner as in the case of other county bonds and as set out and provided in section 3522 of the Idaho Compiled Statutes, but shall reimburse the county by enforcing all liens and collecting all assessments from the lands against which benefits have been assessed or apportioned under the provisions of this chapter. The word "expenses" shall be construed to mean and cover every item of cost of said irrigation or drainage project from the filing of the petition to the completion of work and all fees and expenses to be incurred in pursuance thereof. Such bonds shall be payable at such time or times not to exceed twenty (20) years from their date and shall bear such rate of interest payable annually or semiannually as the board of county commissioners shall by resolution determine. Each bond shall contain a recital that it is issued by authority of and in conformity with the provisions of this chapter and such bond may otherwise be in such form as the board of county commissioners may determine, but not in conflict with the requirements of section 3524 of the Idaho Compiled Statutes. Said board of county commissioners shall have power to sell and negotiate said bonds as hereinbefore provided. The proceeds from the sale of all such bonds shall be placed in a general reclamation fund which is hereby created in the county treasury. The county auditor shall keep a separate account with each irrigation or drainage project so established in such county, which account shall be credited with all moneys arising from the sale of bonds, all moneys received as interest or penalties upon liens, charges, assessments, and all other sources on account of such irrigation or drainage system, and which account shall be debited with every item of expenditure made on account of such irrigation or drainage project. Such board of county commissioners shall provide moneys for the payment of principal and interest of said bonds as they severally mature, which money shall be placed in the general reclamation fund into which fund it may transfer any surplus moneys remaining in the general revenue fund, or other funds of the county, which can be properly used for the purpose of this chapter, into which fund shall be paid all moneys received from the payment of any liens created under the provisions of this chapter, and such board is hereby authorized to pay such bonds issued under the provisions of this chapter, or the interest thereon, out of any available funds in the county treasury when the moneys on hand in the general reclamation fund of the treasury are insufficient to meet the payment of the bonds issued in irrigation or drainage proceedings under this chapter when the same mature. But the fund from which such moneys have been taken or used for the payment of bonds after they mature, shall be replenished with interest from the collections of unpaid assessments for irrigation or drainage works constructed under any proceedings had hereunder, as authorized in this chapter.

[(42-2811) 1921, ch. 222, sec. 11, p. 492; I.C.A., sec. 41-2411; am. 1970, ch. 176, sec. 2, p. 508.]

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