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44-2108.  Retailer — Additional licensure requirements. (1) Each business office or retail sales location shall be owned or leased by the retailer and shall comply with all local building codes, zoning, and other applicable land use regulatory ordinances, and:
(a)  If the location is on leased property, the retailer must provide written confirmation of the term and existence of the lease, signed by the lessor; and
(b)  An exterior sign that identifies the retailer by the name shown on the license must be prominently affixed to the location or the office building and be clearly visible and easily readable from the nearest major avenue of traffic; and
(c)  The retailer must prominently display his license, or a true and correct copy of that license, in each location; and
(d)  The licensee must post, in a clearly visible and readily accessible location, written information concerning regular hours of business and emergency contact information.
(2)  Regardless of the number of locations at which a retailer engages in business, he must maintain a principal place of business that complies with the requirements set forth in subsection (1)(a) of this section, and at which the records of the business are maintained on a permanent basis.
(3)  The retailer must promptly notify the division of occupational and professional licenses, in writing, of any change in ownership, business name, location of business, mailing address or telephone numbers.
(4)  For each new product sold, the retailer must provide proof, satisfactory to the board, of the retailer’s current authority to sell that manufacturer’s products.
(5)  Failure to adhere to the requirements of this section, or any other requirement pertaining to licensure as set forth in law or rule, shall constitute grounds for the imposition of discipline up to and including revocation of licensure.

[44-2108, added 2007, ch. 112, sec. 10, p. 327; am. 2020, ch. 129, sec. 7, p. 413; am. 2023, ch. 15, sec. 27, p. 90.]

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