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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


47-602.  Method of locating mining claim. The locator of a mining claim must at the time of making his location designate his claim by posting at one (1) corner of the claim his notice of location in writing in which there shall be stated:
1.  The name of the locator or locators.
2.  The name of the claim and whether located as a lode mining claim or as a placer mining claim.
3.  The date of the location and the mining district, if any, and the county in which the claim is located.
4.  The directions and distances which describe the claim.
5.  The direction and distance from the corner where notice is posted to such natural object or permanent monument, if any such there be, as will fix and describe in the notice itself the site of the claim.
Before recording his notice of location, the locator must mark the boundaries of his mining claim by placing at each corner or angle of the claim a substantial monument or a post at least four (4) feet in height and four (4) inches square or in diameter. Each post and monument shall be marked with the name of the claim, the position or number of the corner or angle and the direction of the boundary lines. The locator shall mark the boundary lines so that they can be readily traced. Where it is impracticable to place a monument or post in its true position, a witness monument shall be erected and marked to indicate the true position of the corner or angle.

[47-602, added 1970, ch. 92, sec. 4, p. 227.]

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