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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-1632.  Applicability of chapter. (1) Any person who engages directly or indirectly in purposeful contacts within this state in connection with the offering or advertising for sale, or has business dealings with respect to a new vehicle sale within this state, shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of this state.
(2)  The applicability of this chapter shall not be affected by a choice of law clause in any franchise, agreement, waiver, novation, or any other written instrument.
(3)  Any provision of any agreement, franchise, waiver, novation or any other written instrument which is in violation of any section of this chapter shall be considered null and void and without force and effect.
(4)  It shall be unlawful for a manufacturer to use any subsidiary corporation, affiliated corporation, or any other controlled corporation, partnership, association or person to accomplish what would otherwise be unlawful conduct under this chapter on the part of the manufacturer.
(5)  Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to impair the obligations of a contract entered into prior to January 1, 1989, or to prevent a manufacturer, distributor, representative or any other person, whether or not licensed under this chapter, from requiring performance of a prior written contract entered into with any dealer, nor shall the requirement of performance constitute a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter. Any contract, or the terms of it, requiring performance, shall have been freely entered into and executed between the contracting parties. This chapter shall apply to any amendments, novations, records or modifications of prior contracts and to any contracts entered into subsequent to March 31, 1989.

[49-1632, added 1988, ch. 265, sec. 405, p. 788.]

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