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54-1019.  Qualifications of inspectors. The administrator of the division of building safety shall appoint the number of deputy electrical inspectors as may be required for the effective enforcement of the provisions of this chapter. All inspectors shall be skilled in electrical installations with not less than four (4) years of actual experience as a journeyman or master electrician, shall possess journeyman or master electrician licenses in the state of Idaho prior to appointment and shall be fully familiar with the provisions of this chapter and rules made both by the administrator and the Idaho electrical board. No inspector employed by the division of building safety and assigned to the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter shall be engaged or financially interested in an electrical business, trade, practice or work, or the sale of any supplies connected therewith, nor shall he act as an agent, directly or indirectly, for any person, firm, copartnership, association or corporation so engaged. Inspectors employed by municipalities electing to claim exemption under this chapter must possess the qualifications set forth in this section. Inspectors employed by the division of building safety shall take and pass, before the end of their probationary period, a general inspector’s test approved by the Idaho electrical board. Inspectors shall be required to participate in continuous education training as directed by the Idaho electrical board and administered by the division of building safety. The board may also promulgate rules relative to the applicability of this provision to existing electrical inspectors with permanent status in the division.

[54-1019, added 1986, ch. 308, sec. 1, p. 759; am. 1996, ch. 421, sec. 50, p. 1435; am. 2018, ch. 207, sec. 1, p. 459.]

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