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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-1105.  Board of morticians. (1) There is hereby established in the division of occupational and professional licenses a state board of morticians to be composed of three (3) members who shall be appointed by the governor and who shall serve at the pleasure of the governor in the manner hereinafter set forth. Two (2) members of the board shall be duly licensed morticians under the laws of the state of Idaho. Each shall be a resident of the state of Idaho for a period of at least five (5) years next preceding his appointment, during which time he shall have been continuously engaged in the practice as a mortician as defined in this chapter. One (1) member of the board shall be a member of the public with an interest in the rights of the consumers of mortuary services. No person shall be eligible for appointment to the board of morticians who is financially interested, directly or indirectly, in any embalming college, wholesale funeral supply business, or casket manufacturing business.
(2)  The governor may consider recommendations for members of the board from the Idaho funeral service association, other statewide organization or association of licensed morticians whose membership is composed of a majority of all licensed morticians of the state or from any individual residing in this state.
(3)  All members of the board of morticians shall be appointed to serve for a term of three (3) years, to expire on May 1 of the year of termination of their term, and until their successors have been appointed and qualified; provided however, the governor is hereby granted the power to alter the term of office of the members of the board first appointed hereunder so that the term of office of not more than one (1) member of the board shall terminate in any one (1) year. In case of a vacancy occurring on said board of morticians, the governor shall appoint a qualified member for the remainder of the unexpired term of the vacant office.
(4)  The board shall meet, not less than annually, to elect a chairman and vice chairman and take official board action on pending matters by majority vote of all the members of the board of morticians, and in doing so a majority of the members of said board shall at all times constitute a quorum. Notice of any meeting shall be given by the chairman to all members of the board at least ten (10) days in advance of each meeting unless such notice is waived in writing by all of the members of the board.
(5)  Each member of the board of morticians shall be compensated as provided by section 59-509(m), Idaho Code.

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