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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-2913.  Qualifications for licensure — Speech-language pathologist. (1) To be eligible for licensure as a speech-language pathologist, the applicant shall:
(a)  File a written application with the board on forms prescribed and furnished by the board. A nonrefundable application fee shall accompany the completed written application. Such fees shall be established by the administrative rules of the board and shall be in such amounts as are reasonable and necessary for the proper execution and enforcement of this chapter;
(b)  Provide documentation satisfactory to the board that the applicant possesses a master’s or doctoral degree from a nationally accredited school of speech-language pathology with a curriculum acceptable to the board;
(c)  Pass an examination in speech-language pathology approved by the board;
(d)  Meet the current supervised academic clinical practicum and supervised postgraduate professional experience approved by the board;
(e)  Submit to a fingerprint-based criminal history background check in accordance with section 67-9411A, Idaho Code; and
(f)  Have never had a license for speech-language pathology revoked as part of disciplinary action from this or any other state and shall not be found by the board to have engaged in conduct prohibited by section 54-2923, Idaho Code, provided however, the board may take into consideration the rehabilitation of the applicant and other mitigating circumstances.
(2)  The applicant shall disclose on his written application:
(a)  Any criminal conviction or charge, other than minor traffic infractions, against the applicant;
(b)  Any disciplinary action taken against the applicant by any professional regulatory agency, including any agency within this state or any other state; and
(c)  Any denial of registration or licensure by any state or district regulatory body.
(3)  The board may require an applicant to be personally interviewed by the board or a designated committee of the board. The interview shall be limited to a review of the applicant’s qualifications and professional credentials.

[54-2913, added 2005, ch. 277, sec. 2, p. 860; am. 2022, ch. 183, sec. 3, p. 609; am. 2024, ch. 101, sec. 11, p. 456.]

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