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54-3108.  Qualifications — Required examination — Renewal of certificates. (1) Applicants for certification must take and pass the Idaho certified shorthand reporter examination. Alternatively, applicants for certification must provide proof, satisfactory to the board, of having passed one (1) of the following examinations within the two (2) years prior to the date of the application:
(a)  The registered professional reporter (RPR) examination;
(b)  The registered merit reporter (RMR) examination;
(c)  The registered diplomate reporter (RDR) examination;
(d)  The certified realtime reporter (CRR) examination; or
(e)  The certified realtime captioner (CRC) examination.
(2)  Any applicant who is a lawful resident of the United States of good moral character, having graduated from an accredited high school or having had an equivalent education, shall be entitled to receive a certificate as a certified shorthand reporter upon payment of the fees required by this chapter. All applications shall be in such form as prescribed by the board and filed with the board at least thirty (30) days prior to the announced date of the reporter examination. The board in its discretion may make such additional investigation and inquiry, or require additional information from the applicant, as it shall deem necessary in determining the qualifications of the applicant. The board shall thereupon notify the applicant as to whether their application to take the reporter examination is accepted.
(3)  All certified shorthand reporter certificates shall be issued for a period of one (1) year and shall be renewable upon payment of a renewal fee. The renewal and reinstatement of all certificates issued under the provisions of this chapter shall be in accordance with section 67-2614, Idaho Code.

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