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54-5408.  DISCIPLINE. (1) Grounds for discipline. The board shall have the power to deny any application for or renewal of a license or to revoke, suspend or otherwise sanction any such license issued pursuant to this chapter and to limit or restrict the practice of any driving instructor or driving business upon a determination by the board that the person or business:
(a)  Was convicted, found guilty, received a withheld judgment or suspended sentence in this or any other state of any action constituting a crime that reflects upon the qualifications, functions, or duties of a driving business or driving business instructor;
(b)  Violated the provisions of this chapter or rules, standards of conduct and practice, or any ethical codes as may be adopted by the board;
(c)  Is or has been negligent or reckless in the practice of driver education; or
(d)  Has had any license, certificate or registration to work as a driving instructor or operate as a driving business suspended or revoked in any jurisdiction. A certified copy of the order of suspension or revocation shall be prima facie evidence of such suspension or revocation.
(2)  Every person or business subject to disciplinary proceedings shall be afforded an opportunity for hearing. All proceedings hereunder shall be in accordance with chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code.
(3)  The board may, pursuant to an order of discipline, require the person or business to pay an administrative fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each violation identified in the order.

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