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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-4121.  Regulations — collections held in trust. (1) The board of trustees of the Idaho state historical society is hereby authorized and empowered to promulgate and to enforce such regulations as it may deem needful to protect the prehistoric ruins and relics and archaeological and vertebrate paleontological sites and deposits on any public land in Idaho. No person shall remove from the state of Idaho any part of any such ruins, pictographs, petroglyphs, relics, deposits, objects, specimens, or artifacts recovered from any such archaeological or vertebrate paleontological site or deposit without first obtaining the consent of the board of trustees of the Idaho state historical society. Said board of trustees may require, as a condition to such consent, that such portion of such relics, ruins, pictographs, petroglyphs, objects, specimens, artifacts, or deposits as said board of trustees shall require, shall become or remain the property of the state of Idaho. Nothing in this section shall be construed to interfere with the administrative management of relics, ruins, pictographs, petroglyphs, deposits, objects, specimens, or artifacts that have been recovered from any such sites or deposits and that are the property of any agency or institution of the government of the state of Idaho.
(2)  Idaho state historical society artifacts, archival materials and historic buildings are held in trust for the people of the state of Idaho and are protected, secure, unencumbered, cared for and preserved. These collections shall not be capitalized or defined as financial assets and shall not be sold to finance debt or infrastructure.

[67-4121, added 1963, ch. 181, sec. 3, p. 539; am. 2018, ch. 84, sec. 1, p. 189.]

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