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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-5205.  Format — Costs — Distribution — Funds. (1) The administrative code and the permanent supplements thereto shall be published in such a manner that every agency has an opportunity to procure, at reasonable cost from the coordinator, individual electronic copies of the rules and statements of policy of such agency published by authority of this chapter. No administrative rule or statement of policy published in the administrative code or the permanent supplements shall be reset or otherwise reprinted at public expense upon a format distinct from that of the administrative code without a certification by the coordinator that such special format is necessary for the effective performance by the agency of its functions.
(2)  The prices to be charged for individual electronic copies of and subscriptions to the administrative code, the permanent supplements thereto and the bulletin, and for rules and statements of policy, which prices may be fixed without reference to the restrictions placed upon and fixed for the sale of other publications of the state shall be set by rules promulgated by the coordinator. The coordinator may set prices without reference to the restrictions placed upon the sale of other publications of the state.
(3)  The coordinator shall provide to the legislature free electronic copies of all rules subject to review by the legislature pursuant to section 67-5291, Idaho Code, and may distribute other free electronic copies for official use.
(4)  Without limiting the generality of the provisions of subsection (2) of this section, the rules of the coordinator may provide for volume discounts to be available to established law book publishers who agree to incorporate fully administrative rules, the permanent supplements thereto and the bulletin into their general scheme of promotion and distribution, and may provide for the free reciprocal exchange of publications between this state and other states and foreign jurisdictions. The provisions of this section include the authority to exchange, display, access and publish texts through electronic media.
(5)  There is hereby created in the state treasury the administrative code fund. All moneys received from the production of rules, the sale of the administrative code, the permanent supplements thereto, or the bulletin, and for providing electronic access, shall be deposited in the fund. All agencies that have any material published electronically in the bulletin, administrative code or supplements thereto, or newspapers, are hereby authorized and directed to pay out of their appropriations to the coordinator their respective shares of the costs of such publication and distribution of such material. All moneys placed in the fund may be appropriated to the coordinator for the administration of the provisions of this chapter and for the publication and distribution of the bulletin, administrative code or supplements thereto, as authorized in this chapter.
(6)(a)  The coordinator shall charge each participating agency as follows:
(i)  An annual fee for each page published electronically in the administrative code, not to exceed fifty-six dollars ($56.00) per page.
(ii)  A fee for each page published electronically in the bulletin, not to exceed sixty-one dollars ($61.00) per page. A fee per page may be charged even though less than a full page of publication is required, however, there shall be no fee associated with any portion of a publication necessitated by or pertaining to the removal of a rule or a reduction of the regulatory obligation imposed by a rule.
(b)  Each participating agency shall promptly pay into the administrative code fund such charge.

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