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59-1316.  Member’s retirement records confidential. (1) Each member shall furnish the board with such information as the board shall deem necessary for the proper operation of the system. As provided in section 74-106, Idaho Code, information contained in the retirement system mortgage portfolio loan documents and in each member’s retirement system records is confidential and may not be divulged except as ordered by a court; or except as may be required by the employer member or by the retirement board and its staff in order to carry into effect the purposes of this chapter.
(2)  A member may by his written authorization release specific information from his own retirement system records to a stated designee. If the member is deceased, the member’s contingent annuitant or beneficiary may, by written authorization, release specific information from the member’s retirement system records to a stated designee.
(3)  The retirement system may disclose the identity of a deceased member’s beneficiary to the member’s spouse, children, and to the court-appointed administrator of the member’s estate.
(4)  Should a court order direct distribution or partial distribution of a member’s benefit as defined in either chapter 13, title 59, Idaho Code, or chapter 14, title 72, Idaho Code, to the member’s spouse or former spouse, the system may release to the spouse, former spouse, or the court issuing the order, information pertaining to the division or segregation of the member’s accounts or benefit. This information includes account balances, service accumulations, and related information and histories, but does not include current addresses and phone numbers. The system may release the same information to a member’s current spouse at any time, regardless of whether a court has ordered a distribution or division of the member’s account.

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